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Day 100 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: My First Day at a New Job

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Day 100 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: My First Day at a New Job

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·Feb 15, 2022·

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  • Retrospective?
  • Closing Remarks

Great news!

I started my first day in a new full-time role as a Full-stack Developer today. Originally, this was supposed to be a part-time position, but much to my surprise, I was told today that I'll be given a full-time role. Obviously, I was delighted to hear that, and so I accepted the offer.

It's definitely one eventful way to end the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

Yeah, even I have a hard time letting all this sink in and accepting reality.


I reviewed table relationships and the different types of JOINs for SQL tables. Also, I finish reading the Introduction to the Nexus Guide.


Without being too specific, I went through the first day of the onboarding process: being given access to the various resources, attending a few meetings, and familiarizing myself with the company I'll be joining.


I'll most likely be busy for the rest of the week with onboarding and training, so I'll try to post my thoughts about the entire challenge and share a summary of my experiences either on this weekend or on the next one. I do have things I'd like to express with regards to #100DaysOfCode, so I'll get to it when I have the time.

Closing Remarks

I got used to blogging almost every night the past few months, so it's definitely going to feel weird not having to do this anymore. There were times that I felt like it was such a pain to write all this, but I think I'm going to miss this. It was definitely a meaningful challenge, and it was enjoyable interacting with other developers in the community.

Thank you for reading my blog posts about #100DaysOfCode, and thanks to everyone for their support!

I wish you all the best in your programming journeys.


This is not a guide, it is just me sharing my experiences and learnings. This post only expresses my thoughts and opinions (based on my limited knowledge) and is in no way a substitute for actual references. If I ever make a mistake or if you disagree, I would appreciate corrections in the comments!

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